Stannah Lifts Repair, Servicing and Maintenance

If you are looking for service and repair for your Stannah platform or accessibility lift, our team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Call us now!

About Stannah Lifts

Stannah Lifts was established in 1867 as a family run business and has been focused on products that move people and goods ever since..

Joseph Stannah established the business in Bankside, London, initially focused on hoists and cranes to move goods around at the then bustling docks at the height of the industrial revolution. Today, Stannah are the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of lift products, passenger and platform lifts, goods and service lifts, escalators, moving walkways, and stairlifts. Stannah are are the product of choice of some of the UK’s best known brands, including over a thousand lifts with Network Rail.

The business is still family run, by the fifth generation – Jon, Patrick, Nick, Alastair and Helen – and they manage the business day to day. Their continued independence as a truly British business, Stannah are unashamedly focused on the values of quality and service that Joseph was passionate about all those years ago.

Their name is on every product Stannah sell so it is especially important to them that all of their customers are happy with the service Stannah provide. To Stannah, the safety of the passengers in their products, their customers and their engineers are their priority.

Flexibility and Expertise
As an independent company since 1867 Stannah, have a wealth of lift expertise. Stannah delight in providing flexible solutions. Stannah have a can-do attitude and are proud of their ability to provide bespoke services to suit all Their customers’ needs.

Striving for the highest standards
Stannah seek the highest quality in everything Stannah do, and in their products, with rigorous testing and meeting or exceeding industry standards. All their work measures up to the very exacting standards of ISO 9001 and their business is very environmentally conscious.

Stannah have won two Green Apple Awards in 2014/15 that recognise excellence in sustainable business practice.

Their product range is always expanding and they provide solutions for all types of building projects.

Stannah offer a wide choice of products from step lifts to vertical and inclined platform lifts, all available in several platform sizes. For higher traffic areas, their passenger lifts come in a range of car sizes and configurations, suitable for carrying 6 to 60 people.

For the movement of goods, Stannah have a wide range of service and goods lifts, covering everything from small kitchen lifts to the largest, heavy duty goods lifts. All of Stannah products meet or exceed current standards and regulations, ensuring safety at all times.

Il nostro tempo di risposta al servizio

If something is wrong with your Stannah platform and accessibility lift you can always contact us for service support. Our cross Europe network, and inhouse team of engineers and technicians have many years of experience.

La nostra conoscenza e la nostra esperienza sono molto importanti per i nostri clienti.

Siamo consapevoli dell'importanza di mantenere in funzione gli ascensori, soprattutto quelli che garantiscono l'accessibilità.

Siamo orgogliosi dei nostri tempi di risposta. Rispondiamo alle vostre chiamate 24 ore al giorno, 7 giorni alla settimana.

In caso di guasto imprevisto dell'ascensore, vi assisteremo con una prima consulenza telefonica, direttamente con un tecnico specializzato, e ci impegneremo sempre a seguire il problema in giornata per risolverlo e rimettere in funzione il vostro ascensore nel più breve tempo possibile.

Contratto di servizio

Quando si acquista un ascensore di qualsiasi produttore, si consiglia sempre di stipulare un contratto di assistenza con una società di assistenza esperta e professionale.

Offriamo diversi contratti incentrati sul cliente, semplici da capire, con diversi livelli di assistenza per soddisfare tutti i tipi di esigenze. Tutti i contratti di assistenza hanno in comune il fatto di garantire l'affidabilità e di prolungare la durata di vita dell'ascensore.

La manutenzione regolare dell'ascensore è fondamentale per garantire una lunga durata dell'impianto e un funzionamento senza problemi!

Siete interessati a un contratto di assistenza? Contattateci e vi diremo di più.


As we specialise in platform lift servicing across many global lift brands including Stannah. Our well established network provides immediate access to all Stannah platform and accessibility lift spare parts, keeping response times fast, and resulting lift downtimes low.

Come possiamo aiutarvi?

Se state cercando l'installazione di un nuovo Stannah piattaforma o ascensore di accessibilità, contattate il nostro team di vendita per un preventivo.

Se siete alla ricerca di un contratto di assistenza per la vostra Stannah piattaforma o ascensore di accessibilità, contattate il nostro team di assistenzache sarà lieto di assistervi!

Se siete alla ricerca di assistenza e riparazione per il vostro Stannah piattaforma o ascensore di accessibilità, il nostro team è pronto ad assistervi 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7! Chiamateci ora!

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