The Importance of Service Contracts

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Base Lift are the UK’s leading independent platform lift specialists.

Regular maintenance, monitoring, and testing can save time and money leaving you with satisfied residents or tenants.

Are you overlooking one of the most important parts of your property? In the UK it is estimated there are nearly 200,000 elevators providing more than 3.6 billion vertical trips annually. This convenient equipment not only helps users get to their destinations faster, but it also makes living and working in multi-level buildings possible.

If your apartment or office has slow, broken, or poorly maintained elevators, people will notice. This can dramatically affect work life and the satisfaction of your residents through simple inconvenience.

Elevators have hundreds of complex moving parts, many of which need regular maintenance to ensure they work properly and efficiently. It is important to regularly maintain your elevator systems.

By doing so, building owners are able to correct small problems before they become big ones. It is proven that regular maintenance will keep repair costs down and will extend the life of your equipment.  Base Lift Services servicing improves how your elevator works!

Well-maintained elevators are more reliable, provide faster service, and provide a better experience for their users.

Building owners and property managers should personally check elevators on a periodic basis.

While elevator maintenance and repair should only be performed by certified technicians, building owners and property managers should periodically ride the elevators in each of the buildings that they own and/or manage. These rides can help ensure that smaller issues, such as faulty lights, ride quality, or minor door problems are caught early before they can contribute to an accident or expensive repair. Elevator checks also allow owners and managers to identify elevators that are running slowly.

When it comes to elevators, prevention is the key. Statistically, elevators are an extremely safe form of transportation – safer, in fact, than stairs. For building owners or managers, regular maintenance helps prevent shutdowns, equipment breakdowns and helps keep your residents happy.

Building owners and property managers are responsible for ensuring that their elevators meet all safety standards and preventive maintenance requirements. Base Lift Services preventive maintenance is essential and helps mitigate the possibility of accidents and liability.



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