Specialised Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

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Summary of Our Service & Maintenance Division

Get assistance from the servicing division here at Baselifts.  We are pleased to offer the finest, specialised maintenance and emergency repairs on all platform lifts. For Aritco, Cibes, Dalby, Gartec, Kalia, and diğer markalar asansörler için bizi arayın.

If you need the service of our nationwide, approved team of top engineers, who are covering all regions of the UK, call us.

We have a dedicated staff of technicians. If you need direct access, or full engineering support, we are the service suppliers for you. We can cover the full spectrum of lifts from the most manufacturers.

From us, you have a choice of different types of service and maintenance contract. With our dedicated 24/7 helpline, we can provide you with a good deal of advice.

 Through ensuring, and by keeping your lift’s sound and in good working order, with regular maintenance and servicing you can avoid invalidating you warranty.

Making sure that you, our clients, are always happy with our personal service is paramount at BaseLifts.

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The Brands We Service

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