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About Base Lifts

At Base Lift Services we recognise that many accessibility and platform lift owners, whether with a single unit or large portfolios of platform lift assets, struggle to find the expertise they need when it comes to Platform Lift maintenance and repair.

Often times, even the most experienced traditional lift engineers just don’t possess the required knowledge or experience to effectively service this somewhat niche, but important segment of the elevator marketplace. This is where Base Lift Services comes in.

Platform lifts are widely used for both accessibility and movement of goods.

Platform Lifts as accessibility solutions are a very important part of the industry.  Access and inclusion for the less able bodied in society is essential, and access to all commercial, retail, entertainment and municipal facilities across the country is a priority to maintain. A lift failing and needing to be taken out of service should be avoided or minimised at all costs.

Further, the prevalence of platform lifts for vertical goods transit means that the maintenance and ongoing serviceability in this sector are important for smooth and efficient commercial operations.

Base Lift Services specialise in the exact area where others falter, with fast, efficient and effective maintenance and repair of this important segment.

With close to three decades of experience, we work with the expertise required to repair, provide service and service contracts, testing and certification as well as new installations across the universe of platform lift products.

We provide a holistic product service and will always aim to remedy rather than replace and will aim to bring units back up to sector compliances through our systematic diagnosis, remedial, testing and certification processes.  Further, we carry out extensive in-house examinations to pass and certify platform lift units to cover our Client’s own health and safety executive policies.

For construction clients and projects, our installation team will look at a new build with a view to supplying the very best platform lift designs for their cause. We have access to and experience across numerous brands and lift models and use our expertise in selecting the best lift products for each specific application.

For the entire process, Base Lift Services have well-established survey, design, installation, test and certification processes which have an average installation lead time of just three days. Such is the effectiveness of our design procedures. Finally, we offer up to 24 months warranty on parts for new installations which are beyond many installation standards.

Finally, we provide the regularity of attention required via our Service Contract Support to avoid the exact problems that occur with ineffective and random maintenance procedures often provided by traditional vertical transport service companies, no matter how large they may be.

A specialist product requires specialist expertise. This is why we are here!

Range of Brands Repaired

The Brands We Service

If something is wrong with your AritcoCibesDalbyGartecKalea, Motala, Nami, NTD, Phoenix, Pollock, Stannah, Vimec and other brands of platform and accessibility lift you can always contact us for service support. Our across Europe network, and in-house team of engineers and technicians have many years of experience.

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