Heavy Duty Goods &
Service Lifts

Are you looking to install a new goods or service lift?

A Wide Range of Solutions for the optimal moving and lifting of goods

Wherever heavy goods have to be moved, our innovative goods lifts provide a heavy duty and market leading solution with our goods and service models.

Our super heavy duty BasePro model offers ‘goods only’ configuration as well as models designed for an attendant to travel with the goods in transit. There is significant flexibility in design of the BasePro model, to meet even the most challenging installation locations, build dimensions and high traffic usage.

Our service and goods lifts can be installed in new and existing buildings, helping you to overcome limitations of low headroom and reduced pit. Whether you’re looking for an industrial lift in a factory, a low-rise platform goods lift in a supermarket, or even a dumbwaiter lift for your home, we have the solution for you.

Whether it’s working with an architect to deliver the perfect mezzanine lift specification; with an building or restaurant owner to install a food service lift quickly; or with a builder to install a BasePro super heavy-duty goods lift for moving goods between warehouse floors, our team stands ready to assist. From design to installation and throughout the long service life of all the lifts we supply.

Types of Goods and Service Lift Install

If you are after a specific type of lift, just let us know. We can supply:

Super Heavy Duty Goods Lifts

Service lift

Goods Lifts

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