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Accessibility in Education – Our Solutions

It is a legal requirement for schools to make “reasonable adjustments” in order for buildings to be accessible for their disabled pupils, but it’s also important for promoting an inclusive and diverse school environment.

The platform and wheelchair lifts installed by us at Base Lift Services aim to make sure that there is equal access for all students and staff with disabilities or mobility impairments across all areas of the site. By ensuring that they can access all areas of the campus, they can participate in activities that may have previously been inaccessible, promoting independence, self-esteem, and social inclusion.

Accessibility for these individuals is also important for promoting safety within schools. By providing accessible routes and facilities, schools can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries caused by inaccessible areas, which can benefit not only students and staff with disabilities but also the entire community.

With our experienced engineers, we help schools, councils and educational sites choose the best option for their specific needs and budget. We know that providing accessibility for wheelchair users and non-ambulatory individuals is not only a legal requirement but also an important step towards promoting equality, diversity, inclusion, and safety for all students and staff.

Whatever the requirements; service contracts, LOLER, breakdown call-out, refurbishment, replacement lift, or even a second opinion of an estimate that seems overpriced – we are here to assist.

Phoenix platform lift in school
Phoenix platform lift in school
We recently installed this Phoenix platform lift for a school in Central London.

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