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The Power of the Purple Pound!

In the UK, it is thought that some seven million people of working age have a disability, which all adds up to an awful lot of spending power.

This is known as the “purple pound” and is reckoned to be worth around £249bn to the economy.

The ‘purple pound’ is a term used to describe the spending power of disabled people and their families. Its influence is growing to proportions that businesses can no longer ignore, with many tapping into this lucrative market and reaping the benefits. In collaboration with the Extra Costs Commission and with support from disability charity Scope, BDF has launched the first ever award that recognises their efforts: the Extra Costs Award.

Some companies are already standing out for taking the initiative. Sainsbury’s recently rolled out trolleys designed specifically for children with disabilities, that are now used in stores across the country. RBS and Natwest have invested in hi-tech, fully accessible mobile branch vans that can be used by customers with mobility restrictions who are unable to make it into a bank branch. And EE are just one of many organisations that now offer a video relay service for customers who use British Sign Language as their first language.

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